Saturday, January 08, 2011

Weekly Department of State Blog Round-up

I am lucky enough to be hosting the Department of State blog round-up today.  For those of you who read my blog but are not affiliated with the Foreign Service (FS), you should know that there is a whole world of FS bloggers out there who write about life overseas.  In addition to publishing posts about the beauties of the world and funny, scary and weird experiences that accompany living in some pretty remote places, it is also a sort of cyber-support group for people like me who love the FS but often feel completely isolated from the "real" world.  The Round-up is published weekly and a schedule for where you can find each week's collection can be found here.  

This weeks theme is:  Resolutions, goals, dreams, and plans for 2011Since it's the first round-up of the year, that seemed like an appropriate topic.  We've got some great posts this week, so click on the links and visit FS blogs from around the globe. 

Since I'm the host, I'll start with my own resolutions first.  I'm keeping it simple this year.  My resolution is to focus on miracles, however they are manifest.

Sadie, last week's round-up host, is savoring the food in her corner of Saudi Arabia and making some really delicious discoveries at Sadie Abroad.

Becky, next week's host, is thinking about the future and simultaneously trying to embrace the present.  Also, check out her 365 day project when you visit her at Small Bits.

Over at What Ears and Other Wonderings, Connie made a fabulous birthday cake.  Looks like they're ringing in a scrumptiously sweet new year in Amman.

Pulling Stakes gives us a very humorous take on resolutions in general.  I think Kate's post is my favorite this week.

Okay, maybe Melissa's post at Just Us is my favorite.  At any rate, it made me laugh out loud.

Shannon offers some very admirable resolutions at Cyberbones today.  I should probably follow her example with all of them. 

Where in the World am I only has one wish for 2011, to stay put.  I hope you get your wish, Stephanie.

A-100 has started in earnest for Bfiles.  Go see if she thinks all the anticipation has been adequately rewarded.

Melissa is looking for some advice from the FS community experts.  Visit her at V for VonHinken and weigh in.  She'll love you forever!

Lisa has a great post up at What Were We Thinking about life in the FS from the perspective of the little people in our lives.

At Beyond the Cornfields, Denise is putting a positive spin on an annoying problem.  That sounds like vintage FS blogging to me.

Click over to Four Globetrotters for a hilarious take on the not always clear side-effects of New Year's resolutions.

Jen, posting at The Dinoia Family, is trying to be pragmatic about her resolutions this year.  She's a rock star, period.  And, her reasons for why she's making the changes she is, are proof positive of that.

Donna and her family took a beautiful vacation to Aqaba as recorded at Email from the Embassy.  I hope she does as she plans and goes back again before they depart Jordan.  Gorgeous!

The Perlman Update gives us a very funny look at our real priorities.  Read it, you'll love it.

There is a general consensus that it is time for school to start again, if it hasn't already.  Zoe posts some great evidence of this at Something Edited this way Comes.

Melissa V. was expecting a lot more from or by 2011 than it seems to have delivered.  But, as she points out at Brand New Day, it is still a brand new year and there is lots to look forward to.

In case you're looking for reasons to visit Turkey this year, Hannah provides an excellent list at The Slow Move East.  I'm ready to go now!

Leslie reveals a lot about herself with her resolutions.  Check out her list at Destination: Diplomacy.

Last but not least, Sara has a really good, and I think tough resolution on her agenda this year.  Wish her luck today at Wife - Mommy - Woman.

Thanks for all the contributions this week.  Here's to a very happy New Year and a new round of round-ups!


Sadie said...

Awesome job on the RoundUp! Thanks for including me :-). Now to settle in and read...

Connie said...

Thank you for stopping by my site. Great job on the round up! Happy New Year :)

Becky said...

Great job Linsey! Love it. Thanks for including me last minute.

Jen said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and for including me!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the mention! Happy New Year!

Kate said...

Nice job, and thanks!

Kate said...
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Just US said...

Great job! I loved reading the round-up! Glad my moron-ness made you laugh out loud :)

Bfiles said...

thank you for the mention!
I see you are off to Disney, but is there any chance you have time to answer a few questions about Caracas and Lima? I would really appreciate it! I don't see your em here; mine is bbsunnydaysATgmailDOTcom
thank you and have a wonderful trip!


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