Wednesday, September 23, 2009

T.I.V. Tuesday

Here is proof that not everything in Venezuela is bad, backwards, irksome or irrational. Recently, we took a weekend trip to Tortuga Lodge. It is situated on the coast of Venezuela in the midst of a National Preserve. The area is reasonably remote and required a 15 minute motor boat ride through a mangrove forest to reach our destination. Our accommodations were on the rustic side (no power during the day, salt water showers etc.), but we were lulled to sleep at night by the sound of crashing waves, and it is hard to beat that. This was Isaac's first trip to the beach and he was in love. We spent much of the weekend trying to convince him that believing you can swim is not the same as actually possessing said skill. Caleb became adept at sneaking up on crabs and had his first lessons in body surfing. He asks daily when we're going back and sadly the answer is probably never. The Chavez government is in the process of expropriating Tortuga Lodge and in the very near future it will no longer be beautiful and inviting, like so many other things in this country that are now government controlled. But, we had an enjoyable weekend there and it will always be lovely place in our memories.


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