Friday, January 14, 2011

WDW = Weary Drained Washingtonians

Tomorrow is our last day at Disney World, and, it's a good thing.  We've had just about all the fun we can stand.  

Today, we went back to the Magic Kingdom and though eventually it was a terrific day it started off not great.  

First, it was freezing, literally.  32 degrees in Orlando seems like a cruel joke.  We left those temperatures in DC, or so we thought.  

Then, because of the cold, everything at the park seemed to move in slow motion.  It took us almost an hour to get from our car to the entrance, compared with under 20 minutes 2 days before.  

Finally, we were sandwiched in between massive tour groups from South America everywhere we turned.  I don't know why one needs a tour group inside a Disney theme park, it seems pretty self-explanatory to me, but someone is making a killing marketing the concept that you do.

After these few false starts, the fun began in earnest.  Today was a day of repeats.  We went on Buzz Lightyear's Shoot Zurg and Anyone Else that may be in Cahoots with Him Adventure (no idea what the actual name of this ride is) over and over and over and over again.  Okay, so it was 3 times, but it felt like more.  Then, we blitzed Fantasyland.  I love the rides there, but it is always so crowded, and today was no exception.  Our afternoon was all about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  We really did ride this one over and over and over and over and...well, you get the idea.

We ended the day in style with the Main Street Electrical Parade.  I was skeptical and lobbied for skipping this in favor of more rides, but Kenny prevailed and he was right.  The boys oohed and aahed their little hearts out.

Since Caleb and Isaac are both January birthdays, we decided this trip was their birthday present from us.  So, today, they each wore a "Happy Birthday" button.  Everywhere we went Disney employees said, shouted, pantomimed, waved and yelled "Happy Birthday" to them.  Even during the parades, performers would shout it out and wave.  My boys were in heaven.  It was a magical day in a truly magical place.



Lauren in GA said...

I had to laugh about the, "We've had just about all the fun we can stand." A sign of a fabulous trip, indeed.

The birthday button recognition is awesome!

Lisa-Marie said...

Your DW posts seriously make me cry. Such great memories!

I'm glad you guys are having so much fun. And I love that the boys were treated special for their birthdays!

heidiram said...

O.K. so the one week I don't tune in to reading blogs and/or checking FB statuses. I remember you were coming to Florida . . . but didn't realize it was NOW. Hope you had a fantastic and truly magical time. And sorry about the cold weather. Bummer.


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