Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 1 = Perfect

Virtually traffic free ride to the airport = Perfect

Delta checking car seats for free = Perfect

On time departure despite lots of cancellations for weather = Perfect

Short two hour flight with veteran flyers Caleb and Isaac = Perfect

50 degrees warmer in Orlando than in DC = Perfect

Arriving in time to keep to our regular nap schedule = Perfect

Unexpected upgrade from a studio to 2 bedroom suite = Perfect

Night time stroll through Downtown Disney to whet our appetites for tomorrow =


So far, it really does feel like the happiest place on earth.


Mibi and Lee said...

HOW AWESOME IS THIS VACATION:) Funny thing is my borther and his family are there right now...his wife and daughter ran the goofy marathin this weekend but htey leave tomorrow! HAve fun and I can't wiat to see some pics!

lilia said...

So excited for you!!!! We had the BEST time at Disneyland. Enjoy EVERY moment!!! It is soooo fun!


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