Friday, February 24, 2012

Alive and Well, Mostly Anyway

February has been a long month.  Nearly everyone I know with 3 or more kids told me that the transition from 2 to 3 kids was the hardest.  I believed them, I did, but I had no idea how right they were. 

Claire is an excellent baby, textbook even.  She eats and sleeps in 3 hour intervals, just like she's supposed to.  She doesn't have colic or reflux or any other difficulty of that ilk.  She is gaining weight and hitting her developmental milestones.  When awake, she is usually happy and content even when not being held. 

But, I constantly have to remind myself just how young she still is.  I keep forgetting that at 6 weeks, her sleeping patterns are NORMAL and that my level of exhaustion is too.  I mean, it's not her fault that there are also 2 other children to consider.  Children who need to be fed on a regular basis, who need clean clothes every, single day, who have to get up every morning and be driven to school, who need to be entertained and have their own (hard fought) schedule to maintain.  She's just doing what she's supposed to do and it is my (and Kenny's) job to figure out how to make her non-schedule mesh with everything else that's going on.  And, we're doing it, little by little, but, man alive, it's been at bit rough. 


Of course, things have also been complicated by my being in graduate school, having the flu, and two visits to the ER (one via ambulance -- but that is another post altogether).  This recovery has been much more challenging than with the boys.  I have not bounced back as fast or as well as I'd hoped I would.  Slowly, however, we're figuring things out.  And, thankfully, Claire is doing her part.  She has slept in her crib a few times for longer than 10 minutes, has managed a couple 4 hour stretches between feedings, and is learning to cope with being rudely awakened each morning and strapped into car seat and car for the daily school drop off.  She is also taking naps on a more consistent basis which means I am finally getting some school work done...and none too soon since the semester is nearly halfway over. 


Our saving grace in all of this has been an army of friends and family who have come to our rescue time and again.  We've had so many delicious meals and visits and calls and spur of the moment babysitting that it will take ages before all the thank you notes get sent. 


And, as difficult as the transition from 2 to 3 has proven, we are all overwhelmed with love for Claire and when she smiles (she's doing that now) the stress and fatigue seem to fade away and leave only joy for this new little person that is now forever part of our lives.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Animals Stuffed

Isaac is obsessed with stuffed animals.  He actually calls them animals stuffed because sometimes he uses Spanish language construction when speaking English.  It's cute, the language part, not the obsession.  His bed is full of these furry friends and very soon there will be no space left for him.  He is very particular about which of his animals stuffed live on the bed and which stay in the storage bin.  I'm confident if asked he could explain the method behind this madness, but I haven't asked.  

I shouldn't be surprised by his penchant for collecting stuffed animals since many of them were actually mine once upon a time.  I say "once" because he frequently reminds me that I have now given them to him.  I don't remember doing that, but since I don't play with them or sleep with them and they all live in his room I can see how he arrived at that conclusion.  And, really, they couldn't be more loved.  He has names for all of them and plays with most of them, too.  I never really played with them, in fact, most of my stuffed animals are souvenirs from places I traveled as a teenager and young adult.  

Sadly, Isaac is soon going to discover that all these stuffed animals cannot come with us the next time we move.  I have no idea how we will decide which get left behind, or worse, perish the thought, given away.  But we just can't take them all -- there are far too many and space is at a premium.  I have no doubt this reality is going to cause serious trauma.  Hopefully it will be short-lived with no permanent damage.

For his birthday, Grandeur and Grandest sent him a new addition to his collection.  He has named this latest acquisition "Soda."  ???  Yeah, we're not sure where the name comes from either, but it has stuck and he is in love.

I have a feeling Soda will be moving to China with us no matter what.

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