Sunday, January 02, 2011

We love Washington, DC, #8

Washington, DC, 1/1/11 style.

1. Sleep in (Kenny was kind enough to let me sleep until 10am!, even though he was roused by our favorite almost 3 year-old at 7:30.)

2. Wii for awhile.  Is "Wii" a verb?  Should it be?  Anyway, we got Mario Kart for Christmas (thank you Lyman and Kelli!) and Caleb is in heaven.  He wants to race all day long.  Clearly, we are going to have to institute some rules about how much is too much.

3.  Eat breakfast.  Nothing like hearty oatmeal on a cold, winter day.  In reality, today was an unseasonably warm, January day.  At one point, the temperature on the car thermometer read 57 degrees.  Really?  Really!
4.  Drag your kids on random errands looking for the perfect home improvement and storage solutions to accommodate the dozens of boxes you have yet to unpack.  Honestly, as much as I love our lifestyle, I feel like I am in a constant state of unpacking, you know, because I am.  There was one box in Caracas that I never actually unpacked, the whole time we lived there it just sat in a corner.  I finally opened it today.  And, you know what was in it?  Cables.  Yep, yards and yards of cables.  To what, you ask?  Most of them are not labeled (thank you Apple for color coding everything!), so most likely, we'll never figure that out.  I am tempted to trash them, but what if we need them, or maybe even just one of them?  Kenny is going to test the cables and ascertain their reasons for being (i.e. let them sit in their box until the next time we move).

5. Reward everyone's patience during a very unproductive outing with a pizza buffet for lunch.  We did get a garlic press, somehow ours didn't make the move.

6.  Nap.  2.5 blissful hours of napping.  How much do I love that my kids are nappers?  So much.  So very, very much.

7.  Don some light outerwear and head to the Mall.  No, not the mall, the Mall, to visit the Memorials on the NW end. 
First, the Lincoln Memorial.

He looks pretty good, I think.  However, the perimeter ceiling is covered in mold.  Very unsightly.

Caleb, of course, was fascinated by Lincoln's assassination.  And that was just the beginning of the evening's discussions about violent deaths.

Next, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Another prime opportunity to talk about guns and killing.  Good guys and bad guys.  Winners and losers.  War and why it's not great, but sometimes happens anyway.

The Wall at night.  I am always struck by the sheer magnitude of names.  I know this is not the most casualties the US has ever had in a war, but panel after panel of names is stunning, nevertheless.

Finally, the Korean War Veterans Memorial.  Yet another chance to talk about what happens when soldiers fight.  The pictures at night are not the best, but I do love the Mall after dark.  Enveloped in darkness and only dimly lit as they are makes the Memorials seem that much more sacred.  

8.  One last mad dash errand for the power tool you (and by 'you,' I mean Kenny) 
talked yourself out of earlier in the day, but decided 
you needed before the store closed.

9.  Wii some more, just for good measure.  See, it's totally a verb.

10.  Bed.

2011 is going to be a good year.  I can just feel it!

PS Remember my pseudo-resolution from yesterday about getting in more family pictures?  Did you notice me in 2 of today's?  Yea for Kenny and the tourist couple from San Diego for helping me hit this goal out of the ballpark already!


Adrianne said...

How do you find so much time to blog AND make me laugh i every one? Miss you!


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