Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween at the 10th Parallel

It took us several days, but we finally managed to get all the requisite Halloween activities done and documented for posterity.
Captain Caleb and his trusty pumpkin -- would you board a plane with him at the controls?
He's a giraffe, in case you were wondering.
All dressed up and ready to party. They were 2 of 7 trick-or-treaters who walked around our apartment complex. They received enough candy for a whole classroom of children.
Here are Caleb and Isaac resting after a very productive trick-or-treating episode around the various offices in the Embassy. There were 75 kids running up and down the halls and the boys were thrilled. No pictures from inside, of course, got to have proper clearances for that kind of access.
The pumpkins available in Caracas were $8/pound, so we made do with an auyama, a South American squash that sort of looks and tastes like a pumpkin.
Caleb wasn't interested in this part of the Halloween festivities, but Isaac happily dug right in.
Besides the psuedo-pumpkin, our only other decoration, a garland of bats, pumpkins and ghosts.
And, finally, for Family Night 2 days after Halloween, we decorated sugar cookies.
Isaac enjoying the fruits, or rather frosting, of his labor.
Look Mom, no hands!
Happy Halloween!


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