Saturday, January 15, 2011

And, Scene.

Originally, our last day of Disney magic was supposed to be at Animal Kingdom.  But, after realizing the height requirements on the rides there did not work in our favor, we made a last minute switch and went to Hollywood Studios instead.  There are not a lot of rides at Hollywood Studios, but it was an action packed day and a great ending to a really fabulous week.

Isaac, ready to blast-off!

 Me (second from right), walking off the sound stage after my run as an extra in Indiana Jones Adventure show.

 Meeting Lightning McQueen.  I couldn't get Isaac's attention through multiple shots.  He just wanted to gaze at the car.

We took our almost 3 and 5 year olds on the Tower of Terror.  It's true, we're that crazy/irresponsible.  I fully anticipate a hefty therapy bill down the road as a result.  Have you been on this ride?  It's pretty intense.  We told them it would be scary, but they were still unprepared.  Caleb's reaction was one of supreme displeasure.  He was quick to point out though that he didn't cry, he just whined a little.  Isaac, on the other hand, whom we have discovered is a regular adrenaline junkie, would have been only too happy to go again.  We didn't, however.

 My four favorite Incredibles!

 Caleb using the "Force" to fight Darth Vader.  This was the highlight of his week.  Shhh, don't tell him, but the birthday fairies might be bringing him his very own light saber once he gets back home.
 The obligatory "we came, we saw, we conquered (insert name of Disney destination)" photo.  And, indeed, we did.

 We rode Toy Story Mania twice.  And, considering it is the most popular ride in all 4 parks, apparently, that is something to be proud of.  At one point, the wait was 70 minutes and that seemed just too long to wait.  We were told by the usher, however, that 70 minutes was nothing and that at Christmastime last year, the wait was regularly 200+ minutes.  It's a fun ride, but it is not worth standing in line for 4 hours.  Note to self, never visit Disney at Christmas.  Never.

Our last photo from a wonderful week.  Finally, I need to record for future reference that Caleb and Isaac were exceptionally well behaved this week.  It was a pleasure to be with them and made me excited for our future family adventures...whatever they may be.


Annie said...

What a great week!

While your kids are in therapy for the scary ride, mine will be in therapy right down the hall, distressed and claiming neglect that their parents never took them to Disney World (and now time's running out!)

heidiram said...

So sad you didn't make it to Animal Kingdom. That is the BEST park for little ones. I used to take Mateo and Sarah there while Tino was at school. Sarah was barely 1 and Mateo was 2 1/2. I still have never been to Tower of Terror. I am impressed. Did you go on Rockin Rollercoaster? That is my absolute favorite.

Nomads By Nature said...

Your post brings back such great memories of our summer at Disney! You got to be an extra at the Indiana Jones show??!!! How cool! We LOVED that one! One of the biggest highlights for our son was the Jedi training! SO MUCH FUN!!! Glad you had such an AWESOME family vacation!

Lauren in GA said...

Don't worry...since the fright from the Tower of Terror didn't kill will only make them stronger.

I have a hard time coming up with titles for posts...I must compliment you on yours. I loved the, "And, Scene."

heather said...

love it all! we go to disneyland a lot and toy story is the longest line there too...almost always at least an hour. the busiest week is between christmas and new years. best time of year is at the beginning of december :)

Cassidy said...

I'm quite impressed by the number of family photos you pulled off. What a fantastic trip!

Z. Marie said...

I'm not a big fan of Animal Kingdom myself. The lines for rides are always ridiculously long because there are so few of them. The restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge are awesome, though. Some day when we're rich, maybe we'll stay there.
As for Tower of Terror, a former co-worker took her daughter on it when she was about 3. The kid wouldn't get on elevators for months.

HMichaelsen said...

Toy Story Mania was our favorite ride at Disneyland. Amen to not visiting a Disney park during Christmas! In CA they stopped selling tickets by 11 AM one day. it looks like you all had a great time & made great memories. Hard to get back to reality after a trip like that!!


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