Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo of the Day: Day 27

On the North side of Caracas, is a mountain called El Avila. It it over 9,000 feet high and separates Caracas from the Caribbean Sea. There are several ways to summit El Avila, the most enjoyable of which, in my opinion, is via the teleferico, or cable car. As our children love all things mechanical, particularly the ones they can be passengers in, we knew this would be a popular outing. At the top of El Avila is a restaurant, a now defunct hotel, a sometimes in operation ice rink, and vendors selling all manner of cold weather delights. Why cold weather? Well, because it is much, much colder atop the mountain than in the valley thereby necessitating the need to have endless amounts of canned fruits, winter gear and hot beverages on hand. We were surrounded by locals clad in winter apparel, and were definitely out of place in our shorts. On a clear day, you can see the Caribbean Sea from the top of the mountain, and if you're lucky, and we were, airplanes taking off and landing from the airport that serves Caracas.

In the cable car on the way up with Caracas behind us
At the top -- it's hard to distinguish, but that slightly
darker blue in the background really is the Caribbean Sea


Lauren in GA said...

Everyone looks so calm. I get so, so, nervous on cable cars.

Kristy said...

Hey- I like the boys Inca Cola and Utah shirts! :)


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