Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo of the Day: Day 18

When Kenny was a kid he dreamed about having his own train set. This year we have made his dreams come true. Okay, so the geotrax train set was purchased for Caleb and Isaac, but all three of the boys in my life are really enjoying putting the tracks together and watching the trains go. I am enjoying that this set is very durable and easy for everyone to operate -- life is so much better when Isaac doesn't just have to observe the fun from the sidelines. We started with a small set and then over the year have gradually added more trains and track pieces. Santa is also doing his part for Christmas, so next year we won't have a living room anymore, we will have a train station.


Lauren in GA said...

I love this! The same thing happened at my house when Evan and
Adam were little...Mike liked playing and setting up the tracks as much as the boys did.


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