Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo of the Day: Day 15

Though we are leaving Caracas in a mere 2 days for holiday festivities with both sets of in-laws and hopefully a little snow (not too much), we did deck our halls this year like always. The boys are particularly thrilled with getting to advance the advent calendar (see here), especially because we won't be in town all 25 days so most days they each get to select an ornament. Hopefully, they won't remember that break from tradition next year when it will be back to observing advent in the usual manner.


Suman Family said...

your boys have gotten so big! i can't believe it. they are too cute. i am sure you're excited to spend the holidays with your family. enjoy and safe travels!

Jake said...

I also am leaving town for Christmas and also felt the need to put up the kitsch. Kids love it and, let's be honest, so do I!

Are you taking down before you leave? I want to... because, as much as I love it, after December 27, all the decor starts making me nauseous.

Lauren in GA said...

My boys love our advent calendar. They get very excited when we pull it out each year.

Safe travels to you!!!

I went back and read the post you linked and saw your sweet baby Caleb ☺


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