Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo of the Day: Day 13

A couple of weekends ago, we, along with some friends, completed our scuba certification requirements. We spent two days at the beach going on 4 dives where we practiced the skills we had previously learned in the pool and also saw some impressive sea life. We saw eels, manta rays, hundreds of fish, incredibly vivid corals and several kinds of mollusks. I had some residual water in my ears for several days after our dives and my pelvic bone is still bruised where the 14 pound weight belt rested all weekend, but being able to breathe underwater was an indescribable sensation and totally worth whatever hassle and pain accompanied this process.

This is after our very fist dive

Here we are just before our 4th and final open water dive,
after this we were officially scuba certified


Jana and BJ said...

So awesome! I certified in Hawaii about 5 years ago and there isn't anything like scuba diving. Now you need to go back to Hawaii and scuba Shark's Cove and there is a place beyond Haunama Bay where there is a WWII plane wreck. Those are my favorites!

ps Don't ever try to scuba dive in Utah.

Annie said...

That is so great! You maybe just inspired a new addition to my before-I-die list. Looks like great fun.

Lauren in GA said...

That is really cool. Not the bruised pelvic bone and water in your ears but the rest was really cool.

I have never breathed underwater...I imagine it would be incredible.

diane said...

You are cool and adventurous.

My idea of adventure is trying a new flavor of ice cream.

calibosmom said...

That is such a great feeling. I got certified a few years ago but it was in the cold waters of the Atlantic off the coast of New Hampshire. I'd much rather be where you are.


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