Monday, December 21, 2009

Photo of the Day: Day 20

This is one of my favorite pictures of Isaac from this year. He is always doing funny things and since Caleb is in school every day for several hours, he and I spend a lot of time together just enjoying being silly. He found this eye shade and wanted to wear it on his face. After a couple of losing bouts with furniture and the walls, he decided to push it up to his forehead instead. He walked around the house for hours like this, occasionally climbing on our bed so he could admire his own cuteness in the mirror.


Lauren in GA said...

I love it! That is pretty funny that he had his eyes completely covered for a time.

Such a cutie. ☺

CStubits said...

That looks like a Delta airlines eye mask to me. If I'm right, then I am spending WAY too much time on planes.


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