Monday, December 06, 2010

We Love Washington, DC #6

The National Cathedral is my favorite DC landmark.

It took 83 years to build, was started when Theodore Roosevelt was president and was finally finished during George H. W. Bush's presidency.

It is stunning inside and out, with over 200 stained glass windows depicting traditional religious motifs, as well important events in American history.

High up among the gargoyles is a statue of Darth Vader.

Kenny and I got engaged in the Bishop's Garden on the Cathedral grounds.

It is the highest point above sea level in the nation's capital, though from base to tip not as tall as the Washington Monument, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Old Post Office Building.

It has incredible acoustics and is just a few blocks from our house, the perfect distance for Sunday afternoon walks.

Random Act of Christmas #5:  Today's random act is a surprise gift for someone who reads this blog, so I can't go into the details.  But we had fun making the surprise and can't wait to deliver it.


Mary said...

Wow...what a beautiful building. Some day my husband and I plan on retiring to a big city and I'm looking forward to Sunday afternoon walks in the city like you had today! Nice pictures!

Cassidy said...

I miss being able to walk to the Cathedral. Such a lovely place!

CStubits said...

I used to go to the Bishop's Garden to study during college. One of these days I will not miss their spring festival when they open up the stairs to the best view in DC!

Anonymous said...

Bishop's garden is a fave of ours too. And the site of our second date, which Neal protests was not a date (but it was).


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