Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Dearest Friends and Family,

As we reflect on both this last year and the miracle of our Savior's life, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for our innumerable blessings and His atoning sacrifice.

This year has been a busy one.  We spent most of the first 6 months of 2010 preparing for our move to Washington, DC, and are so thrilled to finally be back "home" surrounded by people and places we love.  In the midst of our move, we were also lucky enough to do some traveling and add a few more countries to our total, including, Greece, Spain, and Aruba.  We are living the life we always dreamed and each day brings us more joy than the last.  We are very blessed with two healthy, happy boys who astonish us with their energy and delight in all things.

Caleb is an extremely helpful and sensitive soul.  He is kind and protective.  He loves to play and run and jump.  He enjoys school and is becoming a better reader everyday.  He has newly discovered super heroes and Star Wars characters and never tires of fighting and beating the bad guys.  He is a perfect first child and is very patient with his less than perfect parents.

Isaac is funny and smart.  He loves to help in the kitchen and is always ready to stir, mix and pour.  He has an insatiable appetite for just about everything, especially food.  He loves his older brother more than anything and always wants to be where he is.  He always says please and thank you and whenever he is asked to do something, his first response is "sure."

Kenny is loving his new life as a student of all things Chinese.  He is getting up to speed on what his new job will be and looking forward to immersing himself in the language beginning next summer.  He traveled so much while we were living in Venezuela and has really enjoyed a quieter, more flexible schedule since returning to the US.  He loves his boys and is always up for a wrestling match, a reading session or cuddling with them under the covers.

Linsey was sad to leave her friends in Caracas behind, but is daily reminded of how much she loves running water.  Though she misses her maid, she is happy to do laundry and wash dishes whenever she wants without wondering about the water situation.  She is also enjoying being a student again, after a decade long hiatus.  As a graduate student in government at Georgetown University, she has found that going back to school, though difficult with two little kids, is very rewarding.  But, as much as she loves school, she is already looking forward to graduation in the spring of 2012.

And, speaking of 2012, though more than a year away, that is when we will be moving to Beijing, China, for 3 years.  We are so excited to have 18 more months in DC before then, but are still very much looking forward to that move.  Please come visit, we'd love to have you.  Really.

Our greatest blessings this year have come in the form of continued good health and prosperity.  We are humbled by the abundance we enjoy and mindful of the responsibility to be generous with others.  We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for the many gifts he has blessed us with and for each of you.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that your 2011 will be bright and bountiful.
Isaac and Caleb in their 2010 Christmas PJs
Love, Kenny, Linsey, Caleb and Isaac


Mibi and Lee said...

You're movig to CHINA???? how awesome is that! My Uncle and Aunt worked for the Govt and lived there for years. they loved it! they just moved back to the state last year:) Merry Christmas and I wish I could come visit you...

Anne said...

Beijing!! Awesome! We have some friends there now - we just got back from a visit there in November. They will be moving to Shanghai in 2012, but maybe you will cross paths, eh? We will be back late next summer, so we will definitely cross paths! I am so excited!! I always love your posts! You are such an expressive writer. Merry Christmas!!

Just US said...

and a Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

Lauren in GA said...

Whoa! China!!! That is amazing. Your adventures will continue in another amazing place.

Yeah...I guess running water is really something I take for granted. I never even think about it...I appreciate the reminder.


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