Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Bright Lights

Tonight we went to the LDS temple to enjoy the annual Festival of Lights.  It was freezing, literally, but we were still happy to be there, even our shivering, teeth-chattering boys.  In addition to thousands of bright, multi-colored lights outside, inside the visitor's center there was a display of nativities from all over the world and several specially decorated Christmas trees donated by various communities from around the region.  

The highlight of the festival is the nightly musical performance given by local choirs, orchestras, and soloists.  The lights alone would be worth a visit, but all the added extras make this a holiday tradition not to be missed.  
image from here
Random Act of Christmas #6:  I have always loved Christmas lights on houses.  I can remember growing up in Hawaii and feeling that in spite of the warm weather and swaying palm trees, once my Dad had trimmed our house in lights, Christmas had truly arrived.  Coming home on this last Saturday night we passed a few houses that were really dressed up for the holidays.  We slowed down to take in their beauty and admire the time that went into making them something special.  Today, we picked our two favorite decorated houses and mailed them a note thanking them for their beautiful light displays.  I hope they will enjoy knowing their hard work is appreciated.


Lane said...

I lover that! Both creative, thoughtful and probably totally unexpected!

Adrianne said...

We went to see the lights/musical show/nativity display at the temple last night too!! And when some lame lady cut in front of me in the long long line to see the nativity display, I thought of you and said "no worries, please go ahead". I tried really hard not to sound sarcastic at all.

Love the cards to the lights people - will have to use that.

Just US said...

Oh, I love the temple - especially when it is Christmastime! It just adds a special beauty and spirit! Thank you for posting a picture for those of us living too far away from a temple to enjoy it at this time of year!

Jen said...

Oh, our Little Guy would love the lights...and that exhibit looks really neat, think we will add that to our list of things to do over the holidays!

Lauren in GA said...

I have only been once and I LOVED it. You are so wise to make the most of your time there. It is wonderful.

Bryn said...

We were able to experience that one Christmas and it was FANTASTIC!!


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