Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: A Year in Photos

2010, what a year!
 In January we visited Grandeur and Grandest in Utah and were lucky enough to go to Kangaroo Zoo (972 times)!  Our never-stop jumping boys think this place is heaven on earth!

 February brought a return to Caracas and Isaac's first, first day of school.

He loved school and was excited to participate in a celebration later that month.

February was also the month of the biggest birthday party ever.

 March's highlight was a glorious trip to sunny and beautiful Aruba.

 April began with Easter celebrations at the Embassy and,

 at home.  Cute kids, huh?

 Then we took a trip of a lifetime to Greece.

 Everyone, Mommy, Daddy, Grandeur, Grandest, Caleb and Isaac, had a fabulous adventure.

 On the way home, we stopped in Madrid for a few more days of vacation and a lot more fun.

 In May we made one last visit to the petting zoo in El Hatillo.  It was favorite kid-friendly destination in Caracas and the boys will likely never again get to feed camels and ostrich.

 In the midst of finishing up our tour in Venezuela, the boys also "graduated" from school in June.

 We will miss Tamanaco, but are happy our boys had the chance to go to such a great school.

 July was moving month.  We sorted and sold and tossed and sorted and sold and tossed some more.  We still have too much stuff, but we're definitely getting better at this moving thing.

Here's a picture of our apartment building in Caracas, the pool mocked me for 2 years.  Full of lovely, wet water while nothing came out of the tap.  I will never not be grateful for running water again.

 August:  Goodbye Venezuela!

 Hello: USA!  We visited Grandma and Grandpa and went to Bishop's Castle, the Royal Gorge, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and played until we were giddy.

September saw our return to Washington, DC, and the beginning of our quest to see it all before we leave again in 2012. 

 The boys love, love, loved the Air and Space Museum in DC and the annex in Virginia.

 September was also back to school month.  Caleb's new school is terrific.  He has great teachers and we are thrilled with everything about the school.

October was all about hayrides,

pumpkin patches, and


 November was very busy, beginning with a visit from Grandest...

 ...and ending with a visit to the Botanical Gardens on Thanksgiving morning.  In between we went to the zoo, the arboretum, the American history museum, and a couple of monuments

Phew, December at last.  We had our first snow and the kids can't wait until the next one.

Finally, we celebrated a magical Christmas in our new home.

Adios 2010, thanks for the memories.


heidiram said...

Love this post! It would probably take me one full year to do one like that.

Lauren in GA said...

I loved it! I admire your diligence in posting all of those pictures. I am having trouble with always.

Such great pictures. I like Isaac with painted on facial hair. It brings out the blue in his eyes.

Becky said...

Loved your post! You guys have had a busy year.

Lane said...

I cannot believe how well this chronicles Isaac's progression from a baby to a little boy. It is crazy. Happy New Year to my favorite DC nephews. Love you lots!

stephanie said...

sounds like a great year! What fun and memorable adventures!

Robin said...

Such a great year you've had! Exciting! 2011 will be even better! Happy New Year.

HMichaelsen said...

Your family does the most amazing things!! So fun to read about your adventures.


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