Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Post Too Far

Despite the fact that I don't post on the blog daily, or even weekly these days, I am always thinking about the next post. I created the blog initially as a means whereby our friends and family could keep track of us as we traveled across the globe. I planned my posts to be about milestones in the life of my child, now children, the places we were living and visiting, and generally about adjusting to life away from our beloved US of A. And then I discovered a blogging universe peopled by friends, friends of friends, and perfect strangers and I knew my blogging objectives would be forever altered. Suddenly immersed in blogs about pop culture and poetry, recipes and recitals, sandwiches and stalkers it seemed to me my pictures of Unesco World Heritage sites and World Wonders just weren't cutting it - I had to dig deeper, be more creative, and most importantly always think about what was happening in my universe in terms of blog worthiness. What follows suggests I may have gone too far in the name of the blog - though not far enough to refrain from posting...

On Easter Sunday I dressed my boys in matching outfits. The outfits had matching cardigans that were just too hot for the sweltering summer of Lima so even though we were running late, I called our Sunday morning routine to a halt to get some pictures of them before sending them to church from which I was certain they would return much the worse for wear. The pictures turned out terribly with Isaac crying in most of them and Caleb's errant foot ruining the rest. However, as bad as the pictures were I was happy to have them since 3 hours later we returned from our services with the boys covered in stains ranging from grass, dirt, chocolate milk, red lipstick, cookie crumbs, chalk, and my personal favorite...blood.

Here is the best of the bunch - please notice how nice and clean they
both are and how cute they look in their matching duds!

Caleb usually comes home from nursery with a combination of these stains each week, but this was the first for blood. He had been running around the building after church and tripped in the parking lot catching himself with his right forearm. It was a nasty wound that proceeded to get nastier in the coming days. This is the point where I begin to behave shamefully. He was in pain and my thought was "excellent, his first real sore, I need to get a picture of that for the blog." Although I washed and treated the "owie" as soon as we got home I was aching to find the camera. I resisted two whole days and then rationalized taking a picture with the thought that he would want to see it when he was older, or some such nonsense. It wasn't until after I downloaded the photo that I realized what a selfish person I really am. He looks so pitiful and sad in the picture - I am so ashamed. On the other hand, this whole experience has opened a new world for Caleb, that of the band-aid and it's magical ability to make everything "all better."

The photo of shame and pain.


Jake said...

Love the matching outfits! Sorry about the owie...

robin marie said...

it was for the good of the blog... you know, like for the good of humanity, or the world... it's basically the same thing!

Natalie C. said...

Oh what a cute, poor little sweetie. It's ok to take pictures of owies. I'd rather see some real life stuff mixed in, instead of all perfect children in Easter outfits in every blog that I look at. It's all about balance.

Ilene said...

Your children will respect you for teaching them about sacrificing for the blog at an early age.

The face may be pitiful but that makes the picture all the better.

Love those cardigans. I hope Caleb's survived okay through the fall.

Jenibelle said...

You aren't uselessly blogging, you are creating a legacy for your children.

Excellent picture taking, getting the wound and the pained face. Verrrryyy Nice!!!

Care if I ask what took you to Peru?
Where abouts? We have a friend on his mission there. I know, it's a huge country, but the church world is small!!

Adrianne said...

what? You CLEANED the wound before you took a picture. you have your priorities straight!!


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