Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tooth Story

Confession, I have terrible teeth. My mouth is full of metal. I've had head-gear, braces, fillings, crowns and 2 root canals. Now, 2 root canals wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that they were on the same tooth and still the tooth needed surgery and finally today I have had to have it pulled. This is my first tooth pulling experience and I did not like it. But, I have been in pain from this tooth for nearly 3 years so I was more than willing to forge ahead and get it done. The procedure took a long time - a VERY long time and there was a lot of novacaine and therefore lots of shots - a couple to the palate which really hurts - and lots and lots and lots of blood. And, since my mouth was so numb I was also drooling blood which is just wrong on so many levels and something I haven't done since I had my wisdom teeth removed. And then there was light-headedness from loss of blood and queasiness from swallowing blood and not eating sufficiently before my appointment and now there is pain. I have drugs for the pain, but I am nursing Isaac still and trying to avoid pumping him full of unnecessary drugs, so there is also a lot of unhappy grinning and bearing of the pain as well.

After the dentist pulled my tooth today - sorry no pictures but I did not think to take my camera along for the ride - he showed it to me and asked if I wanted to keep it. No hesitation there, absolutely not. That thing was the bane and the pain of my existence for ages and the last thing I needed was a momento of that.

Then I sat down at my computer this afternoon needing to do something other than think about the pain and the fact that someday my baby would thank me for the sacrifice I am making and stumbled upon this headline on

Bull Market in Gold Leads Some to Dig Out Old Dental Work

No, this is not my tooth, I lifted this from Fox's site and below
is the URL for the article.,2933,352337,00.html

This is an approach that never occurred to me and after seeing this I'm going to walk around with my mouth firmly closed so no one can see the hidden value of my terrible teeth. I wonder if the dentist still has my tooth - maybe I should go back and retrieve it for more than posterity?


robin marie said...

wow! so many more options for making money on the side!!! i'm sorry you had to go through that... i'm scared just to get check ups at the dentist!

Jake said...

Haha! You are preaching to the choir here. I am just postponing oral surgery so I won't be puffy for blogapalooza. Hope you feel better. Ouch!

Lauren in GA said...

I hope you feel better! I loved your parting comment ;) I guess you can make a little money on the side...maybe the pain can be worth it, right?

Thank you for your sweet comment. I wish I could post everyday...I am just a lousy multi-tasker. I want to comment on other blogs...and post everyday...and take care of my kids, calling, laundry, dishes, you know the drill ;)...I just can't seem to do it all. I even had people comment on my blog that I need to post more. I really think I may be the worst multi-tasker to walk the face of the earth, seriously :)

Paige said...

I was so scared that was your tooth. Thank you for the clarification. You lose one tooth per child, so perhaps you should stop.

the wrath of khandrea said...

two things i can't handle: foot posts and tooth posts. bad day for me to check out your blog, i guess.

hope your mouth heals up quickly.

Jenibelle said...

When my husband retired from Dentistry three years ago, THEN my teeth went to H---! Now I actually have to PAY to be in pain. Something's not right about that. You are brave, I wouldn't want to have any procedure done anywhere but the good ol USA!


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