Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dolphin Fun

Just a few blocks from our house is Los Delfines Hotel (the dolphins Hotel) - aptly named because for most of the year it is home to Yaku and Wayra, 2 dolphins rescued off the coast of Mexico. The dolphins swim in a pool on the other side of the glass from the hotel's main restaurant so guests can watch their antics while dining. Or, during the summerish months (December through June), one can attend a training session for an up-close view of these talented creatures. Caleb and I decided to do just that. The dolphins do all the sorts of Sea World type tricks you would expect - though the staff make a point of telling the audience this is a training exercise which you have been allowed to view (for a small fee) for the purpose of becoming educated about dolphin behavior and not a show! There was a fair amount of splashing the onlookers as well, something that Caleb did not enjoy but endured. Otherwise, apart from not being able to take the dolphins' ball home with us, I think he enjoyed our visit. Maybe someday we can take Caleb to a "real" show where there is no pretense of education or training to confuse him.


robin marie said...

dolphins in the swimming pool! how amazing is that!?

AnnEE said...

Hell no I'm not mad you cursed on my blog. :o)

So, I've been through abotu 15 different emotions in the past 1/2 hour as I've been surfing through your blog archives trying to find out more about you. Let me regale you with the journey:

1. See you only have 2 months left in Peru, am excited, because you might possibly live somewhere in the US

2. See the mentions of Primarys/Zupas, and am excited, because I assume post Peru you will be moving to Utah

3. Get to the October 2007 post about where you'll be going in Summer 2008, and am crushed.

Will you ever live in the US, namely lovely Utah, ever again?

Speaking of cuteness, your babies are delicious. I mean that, because I hate kids, and I wouldn't say it unless it were true.

Did I just say that??

I secretly do.

Heather said...

Oh man, you went with out us. How distant you have become so soon. You might as well already be in Venezuela.

P.S. Is the dolphin show worth it?

Jake said...!

Kristy said...

Glad to hear you guys got a chance to witness the dolphins at Los Delfines. It's really funny to me that they tried to cover it as an "educational experience." I can't believe you guys only have 2 mos. left there. Do you think you will miss it or are you glad to be moving on?

Cassidy said...

How did we miss the dolphins when we were in town? Miss you guys.

Kimberly said...

Very cool. I feel I already know you from Cassidy. Thanks for the comment, and enjoy your last time in Peru! I think that would be so cool.

Nortorious said...

I am agape and aghast at the "monokini." That must be a joke.
Do the dolphins have names?

Jenibelle said...

Very, very cool! After Peru...where?

Heather said...

What a great memory! And nice that you had the camera so you can prove it later. (I'm all about the proof!)

You can say that its how you celebrated Earth Day that one year.

AnnEE said...

That sounds great!! Path crossing is the very best type- second only to blog friends not living in mysterious , far off countries!!

Ilene said...

All I can say is that it looks so warm and I am so cold.

I want to be there and not here.


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