Wednesday, April 16, 2008


When you are a foreign service employee and you have a baby in the States, you are authorized a "layette shipment." This is basically a one-time shipment of up to 250 lbs. of stuff you need for the "care and feeding of the newborn child." This phrase has been interpreted by some to mean all sorts of things that stretch the envelope for what a newborn needs to be cared for and fed with. Like, do you need a new TV to watch at 3am while you are caring for and feeding the child? Or, does the child now or in the future need a new set of pots and pans to facilitate adequate care and feeding? Since Isaac is not our first child we did not need any of the big stuff - crib, swing, stroller, carseat, changing table etc., so we planned to pack our shipment with envelope pushing stuff instead of traditional baby items. However, the Department of State is not as unaware as you might think and required an itemized list of the items in the shipment which had to be pre-approved - bye, bye new spring wardrobe for Mommy. So our shipment included really exciting things like formula, diapers, ziploc bags, toy storage containers and clothes for the boys. I also, foolishly, tossed in their new Easter baskets as well as their Easter presents thinking that we would get this one 110 lb. box well before Easter - not so much. Anyway, I got a call last week that the box had finally cleared customs and would be arriving last Friday - hippity hop, Easter was in fact on its way at last. And so we prepared and celebrated as the pictures below will demonstrate.

First, we used the last of the cookie dough we had in the freezer from Christmas
(slight freezer burn flavor, but it hasn't stopped us from eating them) and made
Easter Dinosaur cookies - at least the frosting was Eastery.

Then, we dyed eggs, something Caleb had never done before and could not get enough of.

As soon as we put an egg in the dye he would say "mas (more), mas, mas" until
we had dyed every egg in the house, even the rejected cracked ones

You'll notice there are no fancy two-toned or tie-dyed eggs in
the mix - we were not patient enough for that sort of thing

Then the Easter Bunny, very wisely and graciously came Sunday
afternoon after church and naps...

and we examined our loot!

Finally, we hunted...

...and hunted...

...and hunted.


Heather said...

ok, yeah, yeah...blah, blah...nice Easter had by all. But did you really have to put that countdown to your abandonment of us on your blog. Cruel and heartless. Shameless too.

But we still love you anyway.

Nortorious said...

That's a pretty professional egg dying job. Did you see Celia's? They were embarrassing.

Ilene said...

Okay, third time trying to leave a comment here.

Now I am too tired to retype everything for a third time.

So, Happy Easter!

Lauren in GA said...

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog about the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Beautiful Eggs....and even more beautiful than the eggs...those kiddos!

AnnEE said...

I'm on the phone with my sister Heather, and she's trying to say hello first. I will beat her. Thanks so much for the comment!!

Heather said...

Anne is the lamest sister in the world. But enough about her.


Let's be friends.

Heather said...

actually since you are in Peru.


AnnEE said...

Heather is just jealous because I'm faster than she is, and a thunder stealer. I'm funnier, trust me- you'd rather be friends with me.

Linsey said...

Heather, Anne, as much as I love playing favorites, in this case, let's split the difference and all be friends. However, I reserve the right to evaluate this decision as our relationship progresses! Thank you for finding me and my bloggity blog.

Celia Fae said...

You should be friends with Anne and Heather. They're awesome.

I'm glad you decided to meet me because I've already decided to meet you. Bring the mountain to Muhammed.


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