Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Blessed Baby

One of the last things we did before heading back to Peru was to give Isaac a name and a blessing - something done in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the birth of each child. We chose to do it while still in Utah so that family and friends could be there to help us celebrate. I also wanted to do it there because it was important to me that he be blessed in the same clothes Caleb was blessed in. The clothes are very fragile and were first worn by my paternal grandmother born in 1917. My father and his siblings also wore them as did I and my siblings. These blessing clothes have a lot of sentimental value and since my sister was planning to use them for her new baby in April I didn't want to be burdened with the responsibility of sending them back from Peru and risking loss or damage. Isaac was very well behaved most of the day even though he was descended upon by throngs of well-wishers. I kept him in the clothes for as little time as possible and realized after the fact that there are no pictures of him with Caleb - but Caleb was there and very pleased by all the excitement.

Isaac on his blessing day - the shawl is not from 1917, but my parents added it
in 1973 when my sister was born and everyone since has used it as well.

There are holes at the wrists to thread ribbons through - blue for boys and pink
for girls - then you remove the ribbons so each child has a keepsake from that day.
My mother pasted these in our baby books with our blessing certificates.

Three generations - ages: 60, 32 and 1 month.

Isaac with Grandma and Grandpa

Isaac with Grandeur and Grandest

We are a happy family - just imagine that Caleb is there too because
we are not complete without him.


robin marie said...

what a wonderful tradition! those blessing clothes are really neat!

Jake said...

What beautiful heirlooms! The pictures are priceless.

Ilene said...

That is sweet. I like how you have the ribbons as keepsakes.

What a sweet baby.

Paige said...

So glad you blessed him so he doesn't die and have to go to hell because of original sin. Oh wait, nevermind.

Love the clothing tradition. Celia's in-laws have the same one, but a few of the grandkids parents are pagans so the mom made the baby wear the dress when they were burying the placenta, in the yard. True story, now you can vomit.

Celia Fae said...

It is true, and I'm pissed that those placenta kids have their name embroidered on the petticoat. Heathens.

Linsey, I've missed you. Thanks for updating.

Nate and Sina said...

Have I mentioned how friggin' cute I think this Isaac is? And not in that obligatory, say something nice about someone's new baby way...that kid is ADORABLE!!

And I think it is cool you have a century old blessing outfit. I just bought unnamed baby to be born before April 16th one from Gap...not so much an heirloom.

K. Crisler said...

I know why you took that last picture... Not because you wanted a nice family picture on your childs blessing day but because you wanted a shot of my lovely arm pose in the family picture!

Adrianne said...

first comment, I thought Kenny's dad was Kenny until I read the caption. second comment, a beautiful tradition, that saves you from the HELL of finding something appropriate and tasteful to bless a baby boy in.


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