Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who Does He Look Like?

Most of the time newborns look like babies to me. What I mean is I have almost never been able to look at a brand new baby and say with confidence "She has her mother's eyes" or, "He looks just like his Dad." When Caleb was born he looked so much like a miniature Kenny that even I had no trouble seeing the resemblance. Just look at a comparison of their baby pictures, it's almost like looking in a mirror.





Since Isaac was born I have heard over and over again "He looks just like Caleb," "He and Caleb could be twins," and "Who does he look like (pause, pause), just like Caleb and his Dad." While I wholeheartedly agree that Isaac has some expressions that are vintage Caleb and that they do share some features, for the most part I just don't see anything that would justify calling them twins. Granted, my point of view is probably colored by the fact that they have very different personalities, body types and eating and sleeping habits, but still, I just don't see it!

My Dad said several times that he looked just like his babies, meaning me and my siblings, and I thought he must be right because as I said I thought Isaac didn't look like Caleb all that much and not at all like Kenny. So I went searching for proof...behold:





In answer to the question "Who Does He Look Like?" I'm going to have to say...ME!!


Paige said...

It's true! Isn't funny how much time we spend pouring over old photos to see who our kids look like? So fun.

Brown Sugar said...

I totally agree and think you should revert back to that hairstyle, it was very becoming on you.

Ilene said...
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Ilene said...

I still can't figure out who my kids look like. And everyone says my boys look don't look alike but I think that is because they have different hair and eye color. That always throws people.

Caleb and Kenny are the same. And I am with you with Isaac being your twin.

Heather said...

He definitely looks like you! And I have more pictures to prove it...right down to the same scowl.

Adrianne said...

I will try to comment on every blog I have missed, but this comment will cover both this entry and the photo-log.

He TOTALLY looks like you.

Our Side of Paradise said...

I heard the fist kid looks like the father and the second like the mother. I guess this is true. I hope Lance will make for a pretty girl!

Jenibelle said...

Issac is definitely YOU! And claim that proudly!!
Caleb is his Dad.

Not one of our 5 kids look the same or like us. Do you think the possibility of switching 5 kids in 3 different hospitals is possible?

Jacqueline Auna and family said...

I'm sorry for saying they look like twins - I was ignorant but now I have been schooled. : ) You are definately right, Isaac has your expressions! What beautiful babies and great pictures.

Hollyween said...

He definitely looks like YOU!!! And he's adorable!

Lisa-Marie said...

Aren't genetics AMAZING! What darling babies. Both the young and the old!!!

AnnEE said...

Total twins!! It's funny though, because I wouldn't say that you looked like a boy, and Isaac most definitely doesn't look like a girl, but you look so similar! I'm looking forward to having a baby that somewhat resembles me. Hazen is Jason's TWIN!!


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