Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lane is 30!

Today my sister Lane turns 30. In honor of her and this momentous birthday, here are 30 things about Lane that you probably don't know.

1) Her first name is Courtney - but, my parents decided to give us all names that started with "L" (Lil, Loren, Linsey, Lane, Lyon, Lance, Lyman) and Lane Courtney just didn't sound as nice as Courtney Lane.
2) Lane loves to play board games, especially Scrabble.
3) She just bought her first house!
4) She is an avid reader and has probably read just about anything you can think of.
5) She is a licensed massage therapist.
6) Lane has been to Alaska, twice - this is a big deal in our family because she is the only one and our Dad has been to all other 49 states.
7) Her cars never seem to have a functioning air conditioner.
8) She eats hot dogs cold right out of the package - "what, they're pre-cooked!"
9) When she was a baby, she used to soundlessly open and shut her mouth, because she couldn't hear and thought that's what everyone else was doing. (She later had tubes put in her ears and her hearing is just fine).
10) She writes poetry and short stories.

11) People often assume Lane is short for Elaine, but she always corrects them and says, "No, it's Lane, like a road."
12) Lane is extremely thoughtful. For Christmas one year she contacted everyone's alma mater (high school or college) - including the in-laws - and bought them a sweatshirt. Note: if you need a great gift idea, this is it, everybody was thrilled.
13) Caleb calls her Uncle Lane - he thought of that all on his own.
14) One of her friends named her daughter after Lane.
15) She took private voice lessons in Junior High and nearly fell off the stage during her recital.
16) Lane loves children and is endlessly patient with them.
17) In the past she has worked for companies that made kitchens, produced fireworks, wrapped buses and did event planning.
18) She attended both BYU Hawaii and BYU Provo before graduating from the University of Utah.
19) Lane is a great singer and remembers the lyrics to everything.
20) For years Lane collected Barbies - she still has most of them - including several years worth of Holiday Barbies.

21) She is fearless and will try anything.
22) Astrology is one of her hobbies and she is very good at assessing people's true nature.
23) She never goes anywhere (even overnight) without her hair dryer and regimen of hair care products.
24) She has had the same best friend for over 20 years.
25) When we were kids we used to act out scenes from various musicals. One of our better performances was "Sisters" from "White Christmas."
26) When she was 4 she told her first joke -
Lane: Knock, Knock
Us: Who's There
Lane: Pink
Us: Pink Who
Lane: Pink Horse
She started laughing hysterically and we all laughed right along with her.
27) At 30 she can still do a mean cartwheel.
28) Lane has been to 5 continents.
29) Her birthday is fraught with disaster. We once had a major hurricane hit on her birthday and the roads were so flooded people were moving around in kayaks. And, of course, 9/11 happened on Lane's big day.
30) Lane is very funny and very good-natured and she has an infectious laugh.

Happy Birthday Lane!

(She does not have a blog or I would send you there to wish her Happy Birthday yourself. Sorry there aren't more pictures, but they are all in transit.)


Megan said...

She is one awesome chick! :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lane!

Oh, and Linsey, I posted a link to dress shirts on our blog :)

Anonymous said...

Linsey Phooh! You are the best. I don't even know these things about myself. I love you and miss you!
~ Lane

Maren said...

Happy Birthday Lane! :)

diane said...

I love White Christmas.
There is nothing like sisters.

Mickell Gehret said...

Happy Birthday Lane!! I remember the Barbie collection, I was so jealous. I told my mom I wanted to have a Barbie collection and my room in the Attic like Lane. I didn't get either!! Have a good one!

Natalie C. said...

Linsey, I just heard that Chavez kicked out the US ambassador. Are you guys having to leave? Or in danger or anything?

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Lane!

Lindsey, I have enjoyed reading your blog. You have quite the exciting life!

Natalie C. said...

Natalie C. said...

Sorry to rack up the comments- I just don't have your email. Mine is natalia_sp AT yahoo

Star Gazer said...

So glad you posted on my blog! It's so nice to be back in touch!

Testing said...

Lane- hope you had a great birthday! Linsey- what a great tribute, good post!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you ended with her infectious laugh-so true! and she is incredibly independent yet connected, where she can read people and communicate on so many levels. Intelligent, a humanitarian, patient, and her laugh: My favorites

Jana and BJ said...

Happy Birthday Lane! What a nice tribute. Lane is so beautiful, talented and amazing!

Lauren in GA said...

Happy Birtday Lane!!!!! This made me miss my sisters :)


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