Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More From the Road

What follows are pictures from our aforementioned road trip to Arizona.
Issac met two of his great aunts for the first time - neither of whom was willing to look at the camera. First Auntie Jeanette

and then Auntie Jane E.

Here is Isaac examining the contents of a cup and sticking out his tongue to indicate he wants what he sees.

Drinking from a cup for the first time, he was an instant pro!

Hanging out on the floor of the restaurant while Mommy and Grandest finished their meals.

Proof that the floor was probably not the best place for him - I don't think the picture does justice to the absolute blackness of his toes, GROSS!!
This throws the 5 second rule right out the window.

Thrilled to be out of the car - even if that meant a blanket on the grass of a cemetery. Only 2 hours of driving left after this last stop, but I was forced to sing him every song I know before we were finally home.


Lilita said...

Take em to the cemetery early is what I always say!

AnnieB said...

Haha! Seriously!! When I read your comment on Celia's post it bummed me out. Maybe they just assume you're not interested in working on the language and so therefore, they'll just stick you in nursery, but whatever the reasons, it is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! We young moms who stay at home with our children every single day need those couple of hours on Sunday to interact, feel the Spirit, learn, discuss, and most of all, BE AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN for a little while!! I would totally talk to the bishop if I were you...I know, I know, some will say that maybe there's some little child in there that NEEDS you or that you have something to gain or learn from this experience, but I KNOW BETTER! jk!
I did serve as Primary Pres, though, and I know that sometimes it was desperation more than inspiration! Pray about it!
(your new BFF!!)

Hollyween said...

He's getting SO BIG! He's a doll. I'm still bummed that I didn't hold him when you were here. What was I thinking?

diane said...

I think Oscar, the guy at the cemetary, enjoyed the visit.

Your baby is darling. Even with black toes. You're building his immune system.

Sandi said...

What fun to see all my cousins and of course your adorable baby. Next time you are in town, let us know.

alisa and sometimes brandon said...

It's amazing how much Caleb looks like you! Well, probably not that amazing considering he is your child. :)

And I know. I wear my political allegiance on my sleeve... I also just needed to spice things up.

Melissa said...

wow, looks like you guys had a really good time.

alisa and sometimes brandon said...

I meant Isaac. Isaac looks so much like you. Caleb is a clone of Kenny. :)

Lauren in GA said...

He is such a cute baby boy...even with his black toes. I agree with Diane...You are simply building up his immune system. I love his eyes :)


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