Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just 7 More and We Can Field a Team

In 2005, Washington, DC, became the new home of the Washington Nationals (formerly the Montreal Expos) National League baseball team. Part of the deal to secure the franchise being "sent" to DC was the building of a new stadium for the team to call home. Nationals Park became a reality in March of this year with a final cost of $611 million dollars (the residents of DC will be paying for the privilege of having a baseball team for years). Kenny is an avid baseball fan and since learning that we were expecting a boy - way back before Caleb was born - has been talking about taking his little boy, and now boys, to a baseball game. Last month, he finally got his wish when we went with our good friends, their daughter, and our sons to the brand-spanking-new Nationals Park. We had a great time! The stadium is beautiful and it seemed there wasn't a bad seat in the house. The kids definitely enjoyed themselves, and Kenny was in heaven.
Nationals Park (um yeah, not exactly sold out).

I can't remember, but I think the Nats might have even won that night.

Matt, Cassidy and baby Nancy

A very happy Daddy with Caleb...

and Issac.
(I know it's blurry, but I couldn't resist, Isaac's expression is pure joy.)

Play Ball!


Jenibelle said...

Love Baseball!!! Nothing better than a freshly mowed lawn, a hot dog, a transistor radio and the crack of a bat. Ahhhh.

I crack up everytime I see a picture of your family, you two cloned your children!!!

diane said...

My family had half season tickets to the Padre games the year they opened the new field. I've never been to the new field. I think it is good bonding time for my husband and kids.

Our Side of Paradise said...

How fun!! By the way what does PSA mean???

AnnieB said...

We too had that dream of taking our boys to a baseball game. Haven't done it yet and our oldest is almost 8! My husband isn't actually a big baseball fan so I might have to count on an uncle to make it happen! Looks like fun!
(Love the family pics!)

Lauren in GA said...

How Fun! You sound like me...I can never rememver who won the game...I just enjoy sporting events because my husband is so happy enjoying himself.

lis said...

So, are you counting down from 7???!!! ;)

Kristine and Garret said...

There is no better way to share a family night out than at the baseball field!! Glad all the kids and "men" seemed to really enjoy themselvs, kute picteurs!!

Christie said...

Your family is so cute. Those little boys remind me of my boys at that age. I miss it!


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