Saturday, September 06, 2008

5 Years

Intermixed with posts about our adventures in Venezuela, I am going to catch our readers up on our summer in the States. In August, Kenny and I celebrated 5 glorious years of marriage. With the help of some dear friends in DC, we were able to leave our kids behind and run away to New York for two fun-filled, action-packed days. This is not our first weekend getaway to New York, but it is the first since Caleb was born and we enjoyed every, single second. We slept here:

the Shoreham Hotel in Midtown - it is an old hotel that has been recently updated -
the beds were to die for comfortable and each room has a massage chair

stuffed ourselves silly here:

Five Guys is one of our favorite DC haunts and we were delighted
to discover this one right next to our hotel

and here:

if you are a fan or diner food, especially of the breakfast variety
and you have never been here, you need to go, now,
the stuffed french toast is out of this world

shopped here:

I don't even like to shop, but I LOVE shopping on 5th Avenue

and here:

frankly, we have been so starved for book stores we probably could have spent
the whole weekend here and been perfectly content

saw performances of this:

we usually only ever see musicals when we are in NY, but Kenny really
wanted to see this - not so much a happy play,
but we enjoyed it and the acting was very, very good

and this:

fun, fun, fun

and, last but not least, this:

these are the Tony Award nominated and winning stars of the show
and they were spectacular

What a great time we had - we couldn't have asked for more or better!

It seems impossible that it has already been 5 years, but 2 kids, 1 bar exam (he passed the first time!!), 3 countries, 2 major job changes, trips to Ireland, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina and France, 1 criminal defense attorney, 8 passports, 1 theater debut, thousands of frequent flyer miles, dozens of Cipro tablets, 2 Wonders of the World, 2 Red Sox World Championships, 4 sets of luggage, too many kitchen gadgets and hundreds of bedtime stories and songs later we are happier than we ever thought imaginable and looking forward to the next 5, make that 55 years.


Lauren in GA said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!!

Whoa...I was blown away by all that you have experienced in your 5 year union. That is so wonderful :)

About the 4 sets of luggage...does your luggage keep getting stolen or do you use all four sets when you travel to the next destination?

dana said...

Fun FUN stuff you did. And I love the look of that hotel. A great night's sleep in a COMFY bed? To die for.
I'll take some of your recommends next time I'm there.
Hooray for 5 years! happy anniversary.

Jessica said...

Since I love a)hotel rooms b)diners c)french toast d)bookstores and e)theatre, I am SHOCKED I was not invited.


Christie said...

Oh, my gosh. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Comfort Diner. What a great weekend. I'm so jealous.

Ashley said...

Congrats on the 5, it's kind of flown by.

Great to know that you are settled in Venezuela - how do you feel about Mindy & I joining you all when Adrianne & Mario are there...if it's too much let me know. I'd LOVE to see Venezuela, your family, AND my sis all at one time. I think that's what is called maximizing an opportunity...

Kristy said...

You know, I really miss NYC being a quick 1 1/2 hour train ride away. It looks like you had a fabulous getaway!

Annemarie said...

Sounds AMAZING!!!

Welcome back to the world of blogging...obviously, I'm a little behind with my reading.
You are quite the world traveler!

Jacqueline Auna and family said...

Aloha & Congratulations! I LOVED reading about your trip to New York, it sounds like a dream. Maybe you can plan my 5 year anniversary trip? : )

You are a special couple/family! So sad we didn't get to see you all when you came back to DC.

BTW, I didn't know you that you know Kahi & Mike either! I got to serve three days with Kahi in Tucsan and she was pretty much a legend in the mission. Then Aaron and I were in the same ward with them after we got married. It's such a small world...

Anonymous said...

Hey - I've stayed in the Shoreham before - when I skipped my senior Prom and went to NYC for the weekend instead. I loved that place. Glad you had a great time. :)

Natalie C. said...

So great to have you back in the blogging world!! Good luck with the "big boy bed." Looking forward to hearing all your Venezuelan adventures.

I love that last paragraph "5 years, 2 kids..." etc. You're such a great writer. Sounds like a happy life. :)

Melissa said...

happy 5 years you guys!

Annie said...

oh, I love a good NYC trip! We saw August: Osage County and South Pacific on our last visit there, too. What a contrast, huh? Both were fantastic in their own way.

Now I'm going to add the Shoreham to my list of recommendeds. thanks!

gab said...

We saw South Pacific for our anniversary this year too! Fabulous. And I agree on the Comfort Diner.

You two have packed a LOT into five short years. Congrats!


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