Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home Sweet Marriott?

We have spent a lot of time in places other than our own residences this year. And, it seemed like a lot of traveling to me, but I thought I was being overly concerned about Caleb and his ability to adjust to new surroundings. For the first 2 weeks in Caracas every time we drove back to our apartment Caleb would say, "Now go to the hotel, okay?" And, he talks about going to the airport to fly in an airplane nearly every day. Presumably one day soon he will realize we are staying put for the foreseeable future and start to think of this as home.
I tried to capture my actual statements, but was thwarted by the
security firewalls so this will have to do as "art"

Today, however, when I received my monthly statement from Marriott Rewards informing me of recent activity to my account, it became abundantly clear why Caleb is so confused. Since January 1st, we have stayed in Marriott hotels 113 nights - we have accrued well over six figures in rewards points - and we have achieved Platinum status, the highest available status. To put this in better perspective, were we to stay in a Marriott every night beginning today for 113 nights, we would not check out until January 2, 2009. Ironically, we will likely use our amassed points and Platinum status for another flight and a few more nights at Marriott, thus further convincing Caleb that our preferred mode of transportation is an airplane and our favorite place to lay our heads has miniature toiletries and regular maid service.


Sandi said...

That is insane. 113 nights in a Marriott? You are personally supporting the church with tithing paid by Marriott

Melissa said...

wow.... you guys have been away from home.... 113 days!?!

The Doughracle said...

Yikes! And I thought we traveled alot, ok well maybe not so much me and more Andrew, but still. Wow! At least you're getting something out of all those nights away from home! :) Just so long as you don't start bringing the toiletries home (Andrew insists he is helping us "save" money by stocking up our toiletries with the miniatures instead of just buying our regular stuff, which could be true, apart from the annoying task of having to change the bottle every few days! but still I appreciate his efforts to provide :)

The Doughracle said...

oh and thank you and I will send on the birthday wishes - one day we'll actually be together on these important occasions! until then, more inspiring thoughts to keep my mind off it :)

The Doughracle said...

He managed to accumulate so many, we had to give half of it away to one of the earthquake charities (people still need toiletries even after an earthquake right!) and we gave half of what was left to his mum, and we still have a large bag full! I've tried to save the best ones for guests (not that we've had (m)any yet) but that still leaves plenty, and he keeps on bringing them home, but I am grateful he is thoughtful like this :)

Christie said...

Yes, but don't you love your platinum status? My husband travels all the time for work, so he gets upgrades right and left thanks to that status. Probably not as fun as I imagine it to be though.

Annemarie said...

Hey, atleast someone else is making the beds...I'm all for it!

Cassidy said...

Love the plethora of posts. BTW, we went to see George and Theresa. They're fantastic, and they send their love.

teresa and the boys said...

You say "miniature toiletries and maid service" like it's a bad thing!

♥Shally said...

When we were in the middle of baseball life, Jaxon used to always say-- when are we going back to our hotel?

He loved them

diane said...

Works for me. Housekeepers, mints on my pillow, what's not to love. Your son is a jet-setter.

Adrianne said...

I too like places with miniature toiletries and daily maid service. And if anyone out there has more miles/points/free anything than they can use I am willing to do service and take them off their hands! Especially airline miles...

Life on Longfellow said...

Maybe you spoke too soon. Chavez doesn't do anything halfway. If he expelled the Ambassador today, tomorrow he might send everyone packing. Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves amidst the craziness. Keep safe and our best to all.

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