Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God Bless America

Last year we celebrated the 4th of July with an anti-climactic sparklers display in our foyer. This year we opted to broaden our horizons and move the party to a more appropriate venue. My sister-in-law Kelli and her mom Mary Ann (MA) love, love, LOVE the 4th of July. Every year they attend the Stadium of Fire celebration in Provo, UT, at Brigham Young University's Cougar Stadium. It is an extravaganza to the nth degree. However, this year, 2 factors contributed to their decision not to attend: 1) Kelli was going to have a newborn baby (due one week earlier) and 2) Miley Cyrus was the headliner and the tickets sold out in 30 seconds. Lucky for us, our new niece Taylor decided to delay her arrival until the 6th of July and so they moved their annual fireworks celebration to my parents' house and we got to join in the fun. Caleb was not pleased with the noise of the roman candles, but he loved the sparklers and enjoyed watching the "big kids" give in to their pyro tendencies.
Kelli and MA

Yea for fireworks you can do at home!

Caleb keeping a safe distance first with Mommy and Grandeur...

and later with Sloane, Auntie Grace and Auntie Kathy







Lauren in GA said...

I can't believe that Mylie caused the show to be sold out in 30 seconds. At first I thought you were kidding but, I guess you were serious, huh?

diane said...

My son went to the Mylie concert, I mean stadium of fire. I've never been. Looks like you had a great fireworks display.

Annemarie said...

I'm all for fireworks at home...until my husband and pyro brother tie 300, yes 300 sparklers together and blow a chunk out of the sidewalk.

Jana and BJ said...

That reminds me of back in the day when we celebrated the 4th of July with sparklers in the circle. And it's fun to see pics of your family (hi Lane!).

K. Crisler said...

HOLY SMOKES... That prego belly is huge!

dana said...

You cut your hair (just like you were thinking about). Cute! I like it!

K. Crisler said...

I am actually glad you have that picture because I felt so gross I didnt take any and since then I have wished I had a few!

Anonymous said...

ummmm - this picture..... not so good!
~ Lane

Adrianne said...

Someday I'll be in the land of the free on 4th of July and get to celebrate it properly.


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