Saturday, September 13, 2014

Starting Young

If you know me, you know my favorite pastime is going to the theater. When we live in the US, we always have season tickets somewhere, or even several somewheres. My very favorite theater performances are those of the musical persuasion. I love musicals. Love. Them. I can't help it, and I can't help but inspire (read force) my children to love them, too. And, so far, we seem to have been successful at accomplishing this goal. We put a musical on the stereo or while driving in the car and they sing right along. It makes my heart swell.

Since Caleb was born, we have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to introduce the children to the joy that is watching a musical live onstage. We took Caleb to see The Nutcracker a few years ago and we have been to see some community theater performances, or short children's theater productions, but never a full-fledged, all the trimmings, Broadway show.

Until this summer.

We were in London and there were several kid-friendly productions playing in the West End and we decided this was going to be our best opportunity for some time (most of the theatrical performances in Bejing are, not surprisingly, in Chinese). We selected a show they were familiar with, arranged for a babysitter for Claire, plotted our route on the Underground, and set off.

After a very hurried dinner at the Shake Shack (yum!), we dashed over to the theater with just enough time to snap a photo commemorating the evening, then scrambled inside to our very good (and very pricey - when did theater become so expensive?!) seats. The boys were enthralled. They loved every single minute and even wanted to hang out by the stage door afterwards to congratulate the actors. They have asked several times since when we can go to another performance -- they are hooked. Mission accomplished.

We all loved this show!



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