Monday, September 22, 2014

Pinewood Derby 2013

Caleb participated in his first Pinewood Derby last fall.  Watching Caleb (and, truth be told, Kenny) agonize over the design and weight and aerodynamics of his car was fun.  Caleb enjoyed every step of the process from getting his block of wood, to looking up all the zillions of possible designs and secrets to speed available on the world wide web.  He ecstatically chose paint colors and glued on weights.  He gleefully attended the weigh-ins, which seemed to occur inexplicably frequently and last forever.  And, then, best of all, he went to the race itself and happily watched each car zip down the (very fancy, at least compared to the pinewood derbies I attended with my brothers) track.  

Sadly, his car did not perform well.  

He came in dead last.  Of EVERYONE.

But, he was a trooper and was awarded the Sportsmanship trophy, a pretty nice consolation prize.  This summer when we visited what turned out to be the largest scouting store in the world!, Kenny bought a couple of fancy tools to improve on last year's performance.  I think Kenny took it a lot more personally than Caleb did that the(ir) car did so poorly.  Luckily for Kenny, this year he'll have two chances to show what he has learned since his (I mean, Caleb's) car crashed and burned so miserably last year.  Stay tuned! 

 Ready for the race to start

 All the entries.

 Caleb's den's cars -- his is the purple one with gold stars

 Pretty cool track, huh?

Such a good sport!



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