Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chair Skating

A favorite winter pastime in China is chair skating. And it is exactly what you are envisioning, chairs on skates. New Year's Day, we gathered with friends at a nearby lake and joined in the fun. 

 We actually opted for the bicycle chair contraptions because the boys thought bikes on ice would be awesome.

 But, our friends rented the traditional chairs, so we each had a turn pushing ourselves along.

Parts of the lake were less than solid, but the organizers helpfully put up cones and hazard tape to warn us off.  I'm sure we were risking life and limb every minute we were on the ice, but we just ignored that reality and focused on having fun.

 It was an unusually nice day, though very chilly, so the locals were out in force. There are no pictures of me chair skating, but I was there, much of the time pulling a train of children, some mine and some complete strangers, around the lake.

 The perfect end to a day of chair skating, an enormous poof of cotton candy!

We ended the day with our traditional New Year's Day meal of corn bread, black-eyed peas dip, and greens (these are supposed to be spinach or collard or chard or something, but I failed to plan ahead and all we had in the house was kiwi fruit -- but at least it was green!)


Adrianne said...

That looks much safer than actual ice skating - maybe Mario would even do it!


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