Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hide and Seek

Claire likes to play hide and seek.  It's not always clear when she is playing, however, and some of her hiding places are better than others.  She is very patient, though.  She will find somewhere to hide and wait a surprisingly long time for someone to seek her.  This gets tricky when there was no prior notice that a game was about to ensue.  Her favorite part of the game is being found and the reward of a great big smile and lots of giggles always makes the time spent seeking worthwhile.

We love our Claire Bear!


Cassidy said...

Cute, cute girl. I'm sad not to get to watch her growing up (at least not in person). She and JJ would have so much fun together...and will someday.

Lauren in GA said...

She's so gorgeous. Those big blue eyes are to die for :) So cute and impressive how she is so patient.


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