Sunday, December 22, 2013


The boys played soccer, or more accurately football, this fall.  The format is a little different from what we are used to in the US.  Instead of practice during the week and a game on the weekend, this program meets only once a week and Daddy does not have to help coach (yea!).  It is very organized and each team has an English speaking and a Chinese speaking coach employed by the organization.  Half the practice focuses on skills and drills and then the latter half is devoted to friendly matches against teammates.  The classes are supposed to be divided by age, but since Isaac is half a head taller than most boys his age and a good many Caleb's age, my two ended up on the same team.  There are also match play teams that teach your child to be a super star in case their life goal involves a serious commitment to the game.  But, we are not likely to avail ourselves of that option.

The boys had fun playing and more than that, enjoyed showing off their expanding skill set during recess at school.  Caleb has asked to be signed up for next "season" and Isaac is still contemplating whether or not he is keen to receive more formal instruction in this sport.  He plays sports purely because he enjoys being with the other kids, but he is happiest engaged in more creative pursuits.  So, we'll see if winter soccer is in our future.



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