Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful November

Today I am thankful for:

- Mo Willems, if you are not familiar with his Pigeon books or Elephant and Piggie series, you are missing out (whether you have kids or not) -- if you do know these books then you will likely be thrilled to know that there is a new book coming out early next year in each of these series: The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? and Listen to My Trumpet!

- Tums: 9 weeks to go and the heartburn is constant, antacids don't make it go away, but they provide relief when I just can't stand it anymore

- that the weather is still warm enough I don't need to wear nylons to church, oh, how my pregnant self hates those things!


robin marie said...

Love Mo! Especially "there's a bird on my head" and the one about dancing!

Anne said...

"I'm invited to a party" is my personal favorite. Have you read any of Melanie Watt's Scardey Squirrel series. They are quite fabulous.


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