Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Month for Gratitude

Oh, hello dear neglected blog.  I wish I had time for you.  I have things to say and share.  Lots of things actually.  I even have pictures to post.  Lots of pictures and I know how you love pictures.  But, time is what I lack.  Lots of time.  

This semester that was supposed to be on the lighter side in terms of workload and homework demands is proving to be anything but.  I'm enjoying my classes, at least.  

But the homework is out of control.  And, I'm struggling to keep on top of things.  

Even as I type this I have a midterm hanging over my head.  Sure, I've got 12 more hours before its due, and that's plenty of time to finish it, but perhaps only if I don't also sleep.  And here's the thing about being nearly 7 months pregnant and not sleeping -- it's kind of an impossible combination.  And, despite the fact that everyone, literally EVERYONE, remarks on how I'm can't possibly be that far along because my stomach is just not big enough, whatever that means, I really am 30 weeks pregnant.  


I really feel like it too -- from my aching hips to my endless visits to the bathroom to my increasingly limited wardrobe.  And this baby is a mover.  My others were pretty calm, at least before birth.  But, this one, well, it never seems to stop kicking and spinning and stamping on my bladder and exploring my ribcage and making the most of its very limited space.  Especially, it seems, when I am parked in front of the computer, drafting papers, writing essays and praying for inspiration.  In case you were wondering, it is hard to focus on anything academic when the baby inside you is doing calisthenics. 

But, despite my stress and filled to overflowing calendar and discomfort, I'm grateful for all of this.  I am happy knowing that in 10 weeks (wow, that's a long time from now!) we'll welcome another member into our family.  I'm happy being in school and daily edging one step closer to this degree that I am working so hard to earn.  I'm happy to have a busy calendar full of lots more than just assignment due dates (though, there are plenty of those).

I'm grateful for all these things and so many more.  I'm grateful for November and being reminded of the importance of giving thanks.  Maybe I'll try to be a little less neglectful of my blog this month in an effort to be a little more grateful for, well, everything.  Even my midterms...okay, that might be going overboard.     



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