Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Thankful November

Today I am thankful for:

- beautiful fall weather -- I was worried that winter was upon us after the cold-spell we had a couple of weeks ago, but the last few days have been glorious and the forecast is for that trend to continue right through the holiday weekend

- leftover Halloween candy, particularly of the chocolate variety, and especially because my kids don't really eat it...more for me!

- Trader Joe's, they have saved my life more than once this year ensuring we still get a well-balanced, affordable, and delicious dinner in spite of our crazy schedules

- Kids and a husband who happily eat leftovers -- I have heard there are people out there who refuse to consume leftovers, luckily none of them live in my house -- how does one cook without creating leftovers anyway?


Lauren in GA said...

I always wonder about leftovers, too. We love some people just throw the food away?


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