Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Texas, Our Texas

My mom is a sixth generation Texan.  If you know your Texas history then you are familiar with the "Old Three Hundred," the families and groups that established the area that now encompasses Austin and the land southeast to the Gulf of Mexico.  Anyway, my mom is related to some of those three hundred and, as she says, is "Texan, born, educated, and by the grace of God."  Earlier this month, her father's family had a reunion in Austin and Claire and I were delighted to attend.  It was Claire's inaugural flight and she did very well.  The reunion was a fairly small gathering of folks, but it was nice to catch up with some people that I have not seen in a very long time and especially to introduce Claire to my sister, Aunts, and Uncles.  As a special treat, I got to see my cute (and famous) cousin Dana, whom I haven't seen in over 5 years.  It was a very quick trip, but jam-packed with delicious eats and lots of time to relax and visit.

 On the ground in Dallas ready to fly to Austin.  Claire was a rock star, really.  Let's hope she is equally good for the 14+ hour flight to Beijing next year.

 "World Famous" Round Rock Donuts.  So, I don't know how famous they really are, but they were tasty.

 My grandfather's family tree.  
He was one of 10 children, but several siblings and many descendents never married or had children, so it's a smaller family group than one might think.

Our contingent (we wore orange so everyone would know we belonged together).  From left is my sister, Lane, my Mom, me and Claire, my mom's younger brother, Jim, his wife, Jan, and my mom's older sister, Lil.



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