Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Day of School

The boys had an excellent school year.  They both loved their teachers and made lots of progress.  Caleb is reading far above grade level (he'll be in first grade next year, wow!) and Isaac can write all his letters and has started to read as well.  They were lucky enough to have really devoted and enthusiastic teachers and as a result are looking forward to going back to school in August, even though it will only be for half the year.  When asked, they both said their favorite part of last year was math (YEA!, that makes my liberal artsy, math challenged soul very happy).  School in DC is very hit or miss, but we have been very pleased with their school and are happy they will have 6 more months of Spanish immersion before diving into Chinese.  I am especially pleased there was no lottery required to enroll them this year, that situation caused a level of stress I am loathe to experience again.

 Miss Dana

 Miss Macu

 Miss Nunu

Miss Laura

 Miss Laura

 Miss Donarae

Hooray for phenomenal teachers!



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