Monday, June 25, 2012

A Blessing x3

The same weekend I graduated from Georgetown, we blessed Claire.  In the LDS religion, when a baby is born he/she is given and name and a blessing, usually by his/her father.  The blessing is unique to each child and is a time of celebration.  In my family, nearly all the babies born, including Caleb and Isaac, myself and siblings, and my dad, have been blessed in the same clothing -- my grandmother's blessing clothes.  My grandmother was born in 1917 so the clothes are now over 95 years old.  

My mother has been the keeper of these clothes for many years now and she has done an impressive job protecting them from damage and deterioration, but they are really on their last legs and will definitely not last another generation.  I suspect sooner rather than later they will have to be framed or they might just disintegrate.  The sleeves of the gown have cut outs at the wrists to weave through ribbons and each baby gets their own set in pink or blue.  Sometimes I think it would be nice if my children each had their own set of blessing clothes to pass on their own progeny, but, really, the significance of wearing the same clothes that so many members of our family have worn for this important moment far outweighs any desire for individual mementos. 

 Claire on her blessing day
May 20, 2012

Isaac on his blessing day
March 9, 2008

Caleb on his blessing day
May 7, 2006


Cassidy said...

Hooray for tradition and beautiful babies! Love this post.


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