Saturday, February 05, 2011

White cake, pink frosting, red sprinkles

That's what he wanted.  

Kids bring treats to school on their birthdays and Caleb wanted white cupcakes, pink frosting and red sprinkles to share with his classmates as they celebrated his.  He was very specific.  

Sure, no problem.  Super Mom can whip those up easy peasy.  Super Mom would even happily make 2 batches, since there are 24 kids in the class + 4 teachers + 1 Isaac + 1 Super Mom and Super Mom's favorite cupcake recipe only makes batches of 24 (or, more like 23 if she is, as sometimes happens, inconsistent with her measurements).  

But, then, it snowed.  

And school was, of course, cancelled.
(DC is not so good with the snow removal and the melting pot of drivers are even worse with the navigating of icy, snowy roads.)

So we rescheduled the white cake, pink frosted and red sprinkled delivery.  

But, then, there was another birthday and a previously scheduled fiesta.  

So we rescheduled, which was actually better for Super Mom's schedule anyway.  


Except the other party included cupcakes and pizza and juice boxes
AND party hats.  

Suddenly pink frosting and red sprinkles just wasn't going to cut it.  So, Super Mom suggested adding party hats, JUST party hats.  Yes, yes, he wanted party hats, that would be great, but his attempt to look happy with only that addition was pathetic, pitiful even.  Super Mom said, cupcakes and party hats is sufficient.  We're not doing pizza.  Okay, he said, no pizza.  

But, then he remembered, last year someone brought cupcakes and hot dogs.  Hot dogs are not pizza, Super Mom.  Let's have hot dogs too, he said, proud of himself for working around Super Mom's foolish failure to account for his brilliance when she dismissed only pizza as an option.  With ketchup and mustard, he said, because the last time there was only ketchup and he likes mustard...
just like Super Mom.

Super Mom was going to Costco anyway, so, okay, cupcakes, party hats, hot dogs with ketchup and mustard.  Okay.  He jumped with delight, literally.

But, what if we're thirsty, he said, several moments later?  Moments when Super Mom had been cursing herself for not putting her foot down, whilst simultaneously congratulating herself for making him so happy.

You won't be thirsty.  There's water at school.  It's only a little while until it's time to go home.  He was unconvinced and sad -- not manipulative sad, just resigned to his reality sad -- but, he didn't press the point.  Super Mom agreed to juice boxes.  Green ones, because, green is his favorite color and because Super Mom is a sucker.  A big one.

The day arrived.  Super Mom made cupcakes, white ones, frosted them, with pink frosting, and dusted them with red sprinkles, as requested.  Super Mom also "made" hot dogs, packed up condiments, party hats, buns, the little brother and the camera (she remembered...for once!).  The party was a success.
He was thrilled.

PS In a not particularly super moment, Super Mom
forgot to pass out the party hats.   


Cassidy said...

All this while also attending grad school (and some of it, I assume during the childcare crisis). Nice work, super mom. I need to be more like you.

Nomads By Nature said...

Yeah, Super Mom!!!

Cecily said...

You could avoid all of that if you moved here. We're allowed to celebrate our kids' birthdays at school with a book donated to the school library. That's it. Nothing else. Makes achieving Super Mom status much easier.

Annemarie said...

You ARE super mom!!

I love those happy faces!

treen said...

Given the mom-competition that kids' birthday celebrations seem to be sometimes (one I am destined to always LOSE because I'm really not creative in that way), I like Cecily's school rule.

Bfiles said...

totally impressive, super mom!

Adrianne said...

you bought hats. whether then end up on the kids heads or not is irrelevant. What was your child care crisis??

your cupcakes look uber delicious.


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