Saturday, February 19, 2011

Degrees of Perfection

Yesterday, it was 70 degrees in the nation's capital.  That's right, 70 glorious degrees of sunny side up warmth. We went outside to soak it in.  It was perfect.

 Perfect for watching Marine One and it's decoy fetch the commander-in-chief for his trip to visit some computer guys in California.

 Perfect for standing in the flight path of jets headed for Reagan National.

Perfect for getting a closer look at (read: chasing) a flock of orioles.
Perfect for feeding pigeons and some greedy, sort of scary seagulls who were ravenous and caused some nervousness with their seeming inability to distinguish between stale, off-brand Ritz crackers and dimpled, three-year old fingers.

Perfect for running and smiling and generally enjoying the sunshine 
and the unseasonably lovely DC day.


Sarah said...

You're such an awesome mom. I can't wait to be like you one day:)


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