Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Love Washington, DC, #11

Happy President's Day!  
It was gray and rainy, but there was no school so an outing was in order.

For Christmas, Kenny's parents generously gave us a membership to the National Aquarium and today we used it for the first time.   Well, Kenny and the boys used it.  I was doing homework.  Happy President's Day indeed!
The Aquarium has two locations, one in Baltimore and one in DC in the basement of the Department of Commerce...of course.  The Baltimore facility is purportedly the more impressive of the two, but our membership works for both places so we'll visit get a chances to see for ourselves.

Here the boys are having an animal encounter with a bearded dragon.
 Yes, they are dressed alike.  And, no, they are not twins.  And, I don't even think they look that much alike, but whatever.  I dressed them alike so they would be easier to keep track of among the inevitable holiday crowds.

 Here is a sloth in the non-water part of the aquarium.  There was so much to see they weren't able to visit an entire section.  I think we'll have an impromptu holiday next month and go back.

The highlight of the day was the dolphin show.  An indoor dolphin show is hard to wrap my mind around, having grown up in Hawaii where the weather always cooperates.  They were seated in the splash zone so there are no pictures of the actual dolphins.  But, they loved every second!

Posing in the jaws of a megalodon
The Aquarium is situated right in Baltimore Harbor.  Fish, turtles, sharks and eels inside and boats outside is every little boy's dream come true.

It was a good day and we crossed off one more item from our DC Bucket List.


Julie said...

I love that place!

alisa and sometimes brandon said...

I think it's wise to dress 'em alike on an outing like that. Plus, it's cute. Oh, and they don't really look like each other (at least not in pictures), they are the spitting image you and Kenny! Also cute.

Unknown said...

Oh, I like tthat place too and would like to go there if I have a chance,

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