Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hooray for Boys!

Made and Made by Rae are beginning a month of celebrating boys today!

Hip, hip hooray!
There are so many wonderful blogs out there devoted to ribbons and bows, frills and furbelows, ruffles and flounces and everything in between.  But, boys definitely get short-changed.  I have been waiting all year for Boy month and now it is here.

Click over to their sites daily and don't miss a minute of this celebration dedicated to boys!


Becky said...


Lauren in GA said...

I am headed over to lurk! It's high time ;)

alisa and sometimes brandon said...

Yay! I saw that, too and put the button on my blog. :)

dana said...

Thanks for being my best promoter! I'm excited about boy month too. And so far, I haven't missed the girly frill at all.


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