Wednesday, December 03, 2014

25 Days of Christmas - Day 3

As you might be aware, we sort of have a thing for nativity sets.  We like to collect them everywhere we travel, though we're not always successful.  It's been a few years since I posted pictures of our nativity collection and in the intervening time we've added several more.  We've also been to a couple of countries where we couldn't find anything even remotely resembling a nativity, but that isn't surprising since we have visited a lot of of not-so-Christian countries in recent years.  Here are some, admittedly less than stellar, shots of our latest additions.

 This is one of two we have purchased in China.  It is made of camphor wood and has over 20 pieces.

 We bought this at the Sydney Airport in Australia, because who doesn't want/need a Koala Bear nativity?

 And, because one koala bear nativity is probably not enough, here is a second nativity we purchased in Australia.  This one is made by an Australian company called Bristlebrush Designs and the figures, which are native animals, are crafted from the Buri Palm.

 This set we acquired in South Korea.  We nearly couldn't find the store in Seoul, despite many conversations between the proprietor and cab driver.  And, though the taxi ride cost a fortune and we aren't certain the type of material from which it is carved, we love it. 

This is our other Chinese nativity.  It is tiny, in fact, most of the figures measure about an inch high, and made from bamboo.  We bought this and the other Chinese nativity set in Beijing from the appropriately named Christian Woodcarver.

This last one is not exactly a nativity, but it is the closest thing we could find in Turkey.  And, we looked and looked.  We bought this at what is purported to be the home where Mary, the mother of Jesus, spent her last years.   

Next year we hope to add Japanese, Cambodian, and Thai nativities to our collection.  Stay tuned!


robin marie said...

I really love that last one!


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