Tuesday, April 02, 2013

More Easter

We participated in three Easter egg hunts, but I have no pictures from two of them and no pictures of the boys from any of them.  In my defense, one of them was at the US Embassy and cameras were not allowed.  But, for the other two, my only defense is that with three kids there just isn't a hand leftover to hold the camera, and they were indoors anyway so the light was not great.  I do, however, want a picture of Claire in her Easter dress finding an Easter egg, so we may stage that later this week IF the sun comes out and IF the pollution index falls to a reasonable level.  In Beijing these days those are both very BIG "IFS."

 Some of our new friends in Beijing invited us over for a delicious, potluck Easter feast.  The food was truly scrumptious and included all our favorite Easter dishes.  Then we went outside and crushed confetti eggs.

 We have never had confetti eggs before, but the kids really enjoyed them so we may have to adopt a new tradition.

 These eggs were extra sturdy so there was quite a bit of head bonking before they were all finally cracked.

Kenny's Easter present.  So far we've only acquired the Easter ornaments, but I have a feeling that won't be the case for long.

Claire makes us all smile.

My favorite photo of the day.


Lauren in GA said...

I can see why that last picture is your favorite of the day. It's great.

my kids would totally dig the confetti eggs :)


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