Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Happy Easter!

No, this is not an April Fool's Day joke, this is an actual blog post, 
at long last from deep behind the Great Firewall of China.

With any luck this will be the first of many posts to come as I try to catch our hopefully still thriving small and mighty band of faithful readers 
up on our latest ramblings.  

We are now in China and have been for 2 whole months!  We are so very happy to be here and compared with our last overseas adventure, couldn't be more pleased with our quality of life in this new and completely foreign place.  Although, having grown up in Hawaii where Asian influences were everywhere, I have found that in many ways China, or at least Beijing, is not as foreign to me as I thought it would be.  Apart from the language, which is painfully non-existent for me, the combination of growing up around many things from this part of the world and our previous experience with living in the developing world has made this transition surprisingly easy.  But, there is lots of time to go into all of that.  

On to Easter.  We celebrated with all our usual traditions this year, despite the fact that one of us (ahem, guilty!) sent the Easter eggs by slow boat (they are still somewhere in the Pacific) instead of on the airplane.  However, after a valiant search I did find the only place in this entire country where plastic eggs can be bought and the problem was rectified.  The search was arduous indeed, 
particularly in light of the fact that all the eggs we've ever had have probably all been made right here in China.

I also forget the egg dye kits that I very deliberately bought on sale last Easter, but luckily Grandma stepped in and saved the day sending not just an egg dyeing kit, but loads of candy, Easter presents and some fun things to fill the Easter baskets that I did manage to remember.  Most importantly, the Easter clothes were packed in the suitcase so we all managed to look our best for Easter Sunday.

Ready to dye 

Claire helped too 

The fruit of their labors 

 Hunting for eggs

Enjoying the loot 

Happy Easter!


bwebster said...

I can't believe Claire is that big already. Love you guys!

Jessica said...

How fun to see you pop up in Reader! Can't wait to get caught up!

Terry Hummel said...

What an adorable family! Where do you go to church? OH.....SO many questions! What a fun, adventurous life!

robin marie said...

How funny about the eggs! I'm glad you eventually found some!

Nate and Sina said...

So you are in China now. I have been wondering about that!

Annemarie said...

So fun to see what's going on with you & your family!

Lilita said...

Welcome back to blogland! My boys keep asking when we are going to China to see your boys...I think they feel like it's just a little farther away than DC! But they were happy to see pictures finally and everybody looks happy, so congratulations on surviving the initial transition AND documenting it! Lil


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