Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unexpected Guest

We were surprised and delighted to see an unexpected guest waiting at our doorstep this afternoon.  We do see deer in our neighborhood on a semi-regular basis, but rarely in the middle of the afternoon and never munching right at our doorstep.
This first shot is from the street.

 Then I got a little closer and took this one.

 Then this one.

 And, finally, this one.  I was near enough to touch him.  But, I chose not to so the boys could get a closer look.

And they did.  This shot was taken right after we watched the deer eat all the beautiful yellow flowers in front of our neighbors' house.  They must have been delicious flowers too because he inhaled them in mere seconds.  The possibility of unexpectedly finding a deer in the front yard is just one more reason why we love living where we do.



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