Wednesday, July 11, 2012

God Bless America

Thanks to wonderful friends, and despite unrelenting heat and humidity, we had a stellar 4th of July celebration this year. Our morning began with the Palisades Parade, a 46 year tradition in a neighboring DC community that we learned about just this year.  Too bad we won't be here next year, it would be fun to go again and again and again...

Dressed in the colors of the day and waiting for the parade to start.

Claire's first 4th of July.

The parade was highly entertaining with representatives across a broad cultural spectrum.

In addition to the dancers and musicians, we saw the Mayor, the Chief of Police, DC's non-voting Representative to Congress, and just about sitting member of the City Council.  The boys collected beads and candy and flags and other swag and had a marvelous morning.

In the afternoon, we joined our dear friends for an Independence Day Celebration at their country club.  There were pony rides,

and snow cones, and cotton candy, and popcorn,

and carnival rides, and bouncy houses, and giant slides,

and a buffet teeming with corn on the cob, potato salad, ribs, fried chicken and a host of other BBQ favorites.

There was also an endless supply of ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bars, which is good because even at 10pm the temps were still well into the 90s.

Claire was a trooper, despite the heat, though she and I did make several trips into the clubhouse for some climate controlled relief.

The boys were in heaven all afternoon and had all the fun they could stand.

At the end of the evening we sat down on the golf course and watched a spectacular fireworks show.  It was a glorious day and reminded us of just how grateful we are to be citizens of this great country and to have the opportunity to represent it all over the world.




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