Saturday, January 21, 2012

Family Game Night

Last night we played one of the new board games the boys were given for Christmas.  They have recently begun to appreciate the fun that can be had through mediums other than electronic entertainments so we are trying to capitalize on this new found interest.  I am not completely opposed to Wii and the like, as long as they don't play constantly and still make time for books and puzzles and the myriad toys lining the walls of their bedroom.   
The boys really enjoyed Monopoly Junior and I imagine we'll play this game often.
Claire enjoyed family game night too, though her participation 
was somewhat limited.


Lauren in GA said...

It won't be long before Claire has bought up all of Park Place ;)

Chelsea said...

What a darling baby! She's beautiful-- and aren't they just that much cuter when they sleep! I've been keeping up with blogs a little less these days, so I didn't realize you had a baby.... but it's great to see that you have a baby AND do things with your older kids. That's one amazing mama!


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